Privacy Policy

[Last Updated: March 4, 2021] ROLLING PANDA ARTS - GAMING APPS' PRIVACY POLICY We do not store any data in our server in any forms.  Our games just access the internet connection. We do not collect any kind of data from the users.  We do not copy any audio, picture or video in our game which is someone other’s intellectual property.  We do not knowingly collect any personal information from kids from the apps/games that are specifically built for children. KIDS PRIVACY POLICY We hereby prohibit kids from actively and directly providing us with any personal information or leaving the app (when clicked on ads) without without parental consent. If you are a legal guardian of a Kid and believe your child has provided us with any personal information, please contact us at and we will delete such information from our servers. Cocos2d-x , one of the game engine we use, implements an interface on Android to request a device's Android Device ID